PHOTOWALKS: Through the years – through the Lens 2010-2020, Volume 3

Continuing our celebrations for our tenth anniversary, we are happy to bring the third and final volume in the virtual books PHOTOWALKS: Through the years – through the lens, 2010-2020.

This volume takes up where Volume 2 left of and contains curated images from photowalks held between April 2014 and May 2019.

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Some other publications done for the 10th Anniversary:

Again, we thank all our members, without whom the group would not be what it has become.  We hope you enjoy the three volumes, please share with friends, and we hope you join us in making memorable the next ten years.

Tenth Anniversary Photowalks, Vol 2

In order not to saturate you by providing all six volumes of the books published in observance of the 10th Anniversary of the Guyana Photographers’ Facebook Group, we staggered the releases. This second volume focuses on the tenth anniversary photowalks conducted on June 20 and 21, 2020.

On June 20, 2020, three walks were conducted: Mon Repos Market Walk led by Michael C. Lam, Seaside Walk led by Darrell Carpenay, and the Clock Tower Walk led by Brian Gomes. The following day, Tana Yussuff led the Canal #1 Walk. We hope you enjoy the beautiful images of Guyana featured in Tenth Anniversary Photowalks, Volume 2.

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Link to other publications that were produced in observance of the 10th Anniversary of the Guyana Photographers’ Facebook Group:

PHOTOWALKS: Through the years – through the Lens 2010-2020, Volume 2

Continuing our celebrations for our tenth anniversary, we are happy to bring the second volume in the virtual books PHOTOWALKS: Through the years – through the lens, 2010-2020.

GP PhotoWalks 2010-2020 Volume 2.cdr

This volume takes up where Volume 1 left of and contains curated images from photowalks held between August 2012 and January 2014.

Some other publications for the 10th Anniversary: PHOTOWALKS: Through the years – through the Lens 2010-2020, Volume 1 and Tenth Anniversary Photowalks, Vol 1.

Again, we thank all our members, without whom the group would not be what it has become.  Look out for the final volume scheduled to be published  next Saturday.

Tenth Anniversary Photowalks, Vol 1

A key activity for the tenth anniversary of the Guyana Photographers’ Facebook Group was the organization and execution of three sets of photowalks, on three different weekends, leading up to July 25, 2020. These walks were spearheaded by Michael C. Lam, who was assisted by Darrell Carpenay, Brian Gomes, Tana Yussuff, Fidal Bassier, and Dionne Vanderhyden.

Tenth Anniversary Photowalks, Volume 1 features the images from the first weekend. On June 6 and 7, 2020, there were four photowalks: (1) Hear of GT Walk with Darrell Carpenay, (2) Lusignan – Annandale Seawall Walk with Michael C. Lam, (3) Vreed-en-Hoop Walk with Tana Yussuff, and (4) Cuffy Monument Walk with Brian Gomes.

It must be noted that all the participants on these walks adhered strictly to national and international guidelines and safety measures regarding COVID-19.

Our sincerest thank you to all the photographers who participated and for the support of our community.

Link to other publications that were produced in observance of the 10th Anniversary of the Guyana Photographers’ Facebook Group:

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PHOTOWALKS: Through the years – through the Lens 2010-2020, Volume 1

July 25th, 2020

Happy Tenth Anniversary to the Guyana Photographers’ Facebook Group.  As part of our anniversary celebrations, we took a look back at our past photowalks; we present today the first volume of our PHOTOWALKS: Through the years – through the Lens, 2010-2020.

Volume 1 - B.cdr

We say thanks to all our members, and hope that this three volume set will remind them of what has been accomplished and inspire them to do even more.  Enjoy volume 1, and look out for the next two Volumes, to be Published on subsequent Saturdays 😉

GP turns 10 years old!!!

Today, July 25, 2020, marks ten years since the Guyana Photographers’ Facebook Group (fondly referred to as “GP”) was created by Fidal Bassier, with the support of Michael C. Lam, Kojo McPherson, and Nikhil Ramkarran. The creation of a space for us to interact marked a rejuvenation of organised photography in Guyana – the last known group of this kind was the British Guiana Photographic Society which existed in pre-Guyana (before we became an independent nation). Over the last decade, our group has grown from a humble beginning of a few curious photographers who shows up for a model shoot on the Kitty Seawall – by the Bandstand, to comprising over 4,000 members. We are truly fortunate to meet this milestone – something that would not have been possible without the humongous support we have received in Guyana and from the Guyanese diaspora.

As we celebrate this momentous event, it is only right for me to highlight some of what we have accomplished over the years. GP can be likened to a catalyst, a strong foundation for many photography related activities in Guyana over the last 10 years. We have organised 50 photowalks (13 in observance of the 10th Anniversary) around Guyana; participated in exhibitions and competitions – both local and international; engaged in 41 theme-based challenges and six (6) instalments of “Project 52”; and, have increased networking among stakeholders for the growth of photography as an art in Guyana. In addition, two of our members – Michael C. Lam and Karran Sahadeo, have spearheaded two instalments of “VISIONS” – a local, curated exhibition where photographers showcase their work. Today, individuals from a variety of organisations – at the national, regional, and international levels, consider GP as a key resource for all things photography in Guyana. However, apart from these accolades, the most important aspect can be seen in the interactions among the members. The positivity and the comradery are ever present.

What have we done to mark this occasion? The COVID-19 situation definitely put a damper on things but we still managed to get a few activities in. In summary: we had 13 photowalks (in keeping with COVID-19 protocols); compiled, curated, and published two books (with a total of 6 volumes) – one featuring photowalks’ images from 2010 to 2020 and the other specifically focused on the 10th Anniversary walks; and, today we are creating an album for photographers to upload one image each taken on July 25, 2020 to mark the occasion. (Keep watching this space for updates regarding the virtual books!!!)

With such a vibrant history, where do we go from here? What does the next decade hold for us? Here is a secret: we are starting the process of having GP formally registered under the name VISIONS. With this in mind, please enjoy a few group shots from our past photowalks.

Afghan Girl

PhotoTalk 2020/22

In June 1985 Steve McCurry’s photograph (since called Afghan Girl) was printed on the cover of the National Geographic magazine, anyone looking at the magazine was immediately struck by the intent look of an adolescent girl staring intently out from the magazine.


It is such an iconic image that it has been named “the most recognized photograph” in the history of the magazine.  It portrayed an adolescent Sharbat Gula (or Sharbat Bibi) in a red head scarf, with her striking green eyes staring intently at the camera.  McCurry’s use of Kodachrome film was widely known, and the colours he achieved were brilliant, needless to say he used his tools to advantage.

The context in which the image was published likely aided the readers, but the image itself stands alone.  It has been widely discussed, widely reprinted, and widely reproduced on the internet as well.  McCurry has lost some standing worldwide due to a few scandals involving some of his photographs and “editing”, but the impact of the Afghan Girl image is undeniable.

Fame or infamy, Photo-Journalism or Exploitation? Let’s talk!


Original comments and discussions can be found on the Guyana Photographers’ Facebook post.

Out of sight…

PhotoTalk 2020/21

A few of us were out on a documentary project, and I noticed Darrell eyeing up a particular shot, I suspected but wasn’t sure what he was looking for. On asking a bit later, his description pretty much met a photo I knew well, and one that I thought most people knew, well, most local people. He didn’t know the one I was referring to; which brings me to today’s PhotoTalk image.

Before turning his attention to Video, John Greene was well known in photography circles, and in society at large who needed photography services.


This image of his has remained with me for several reasons:

It had the typical John Greene processing in terms of colour and tonality

It captured a scene that was well-known but not often photographed (or publicised through photography)

The composition made it uncomfortable and memorable – and for this I would like to elaborate in comments)

I saw it in more than one local calendar and in printed news media

Paintings like the DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, Van Goth’s Starry Night, Photos like McCurry’s Afghan Girl remain with us because they keep popping up, they are talked about, they remain in reproduction in some form (these days, print and online), they are discussed and they are written about.

For local photographers’ work to achieve this level of recognition, should certain images be identified and promoted? Do any local works stand out? Let’s Talk!!


Original comments and discussion can be seen on the Guyana Photographers’ Facebook post.

At Home with Guyana Photographers


Lockdowns around the world are taking on different forms, here in Guyana, we have a curfew, and many people are indoors, also, most photographers who rely on photography for income are finding it difficult, added to that, any photographer worth their salt is probably itching to shoot something, anything!

To this end, we’d like to invite the members of Guyana Photographers’ Facebook Group to turn a fresh eye to what’s around you, embark on a project to show us what your idea of “At Home” is.  The selected images will be compiled into a virtual magazine.

All photos must have been taken after April 1, 2020
Photographs must have been taken by the entrant
Each photographer may submit up to 20 images to convey their idea of “At Home”
Each submission must be accompanied by an Artist Statement and an Artist Biography
Start shooting! Submissions will be accepted from July 27th, 2020 to August 31st 2020

Submission details to follow.

Submitted Photographs will be curated by a Curatorial Panel, and the results published in a Virtual Magazine for electronic distribution.  Photographers retain all rights to their work, by submitting you give VISIONS and the Guyana Photographers the right to reproduce your images for this publication and for any promotional use regarding the publication.


Due to the activities surrounding the tenth anniversary, we decided to extend submission to the end of September 2020, this is more for the organisers than it is for the participants, we thank the many people who have contacted us regarding this project.

The Upload Form is open and we encourage you to be your own critic, and submit your best work .

Check the form, there are some details there regarding the Artist Statement, Artist Bio and the Image submissions that may be helpful to you.

The upload form can be found here.