Tips and Tricks – The Glowing Silhouette

In our recent Q&A with Fidal Bassier, we had omitted a question submitted by Professional Photographer Salim October, who operates as Foto Melange out of Trinidad and Tobago.  It was thought that the question deserved some special consideration, as the subject matter was very specific to an image.  Fidal has graciously answered the question and supplied us with a  photographic progression on the image.


Salim October: This photo you posted to the first Guyana Photographers’ Challenge, “Silhouette”,  is one of my all time faves from your port even though I never said it. Can you share how you created this image? If you can outline 1. Lighting 2. How you determined exposure and 3. why you decided on a profile with this subject?

Fidal Bassier:  Lighting – This was one spot light with barn doors so I could control the light. It was a powerful light and no other light source in the office. It was a basic setup , just a black cloth as the background.

Exposure – I knew I wanted just the edges to be highlighted and shot in manual mode.  Processing done was mostly to highlight the edges and then to darken other parts.

Why I decided on a profile with this subject?
My friend Candace is very gracious to me and doesn’t mind posing once she has time. I seem to get lucky with having photogenic subjects.

Fidal Bassier is a full time photographer and videographer at 55 Photography. He enjoys photographing people in general. The Guyana Photographers Group on Facebook is his brainchild.

Photos are Copyright Fidal Bassier and 55 Photography, they are not to be reproduced in any format without permission.

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