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The brochure has been out for a while, and a link posted in the previous post about the 2019 GVACE, but we shall include it here as well. Also released are the Registration Form in three separate files (one page each) as well as the standard Receipt, which you need to retrieve your pieces after the exhibition is over.

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What is the GVACE?

2019 - post - 01-What is

With the decline and end in 1994 of the National Exhibition of the Visual Arts (NEVA), the arts in Guyana had no major exhibition to showcase our contemporary arts and artists.  In 2012 this was remedied with the introduction of the Guyana Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition (GVACE), essentially the successor of NEVA, combining both a competition aspect and an exhibition portion.

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…when Men and Mountains reach

An adventure that started off as a disaster ended with natures astonishing beauty. Every adventure has its share of ups and downs but for Marceano and his brothers it captured something that he considers to be some of the most specular images of his career thus far.


Day One of his adventure was a very rainy one with continuous rains into day two however, the skies cleared up in the wee hours of the dawn of dust (1:30 am), so they still ventured out to see what the new day would bring. Continue reading

Kaieteur National Park

– An Experience In Photographs

THE EDGE_thumb

I’ve found that the images photographers create are more a reflection of their character and mood. Once we hone our skills, what we create is more about who we are and what we feel at that moment than the technology in our hands. Our art becomes a projection of ourselves. Continue reading

GVACE 2017

Last year’s scheduled Guyana Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition (GVACE) was postponed until this year, explanations have not been given, but we are grateful that it is still being considered as part of the Ministry’s programme.


The competition in its current form is a revamped version of an older competition, one that was ongoing for many years prior to 1992.  Between 1992 and 2012, no such competitions were held.  2012 saw the re-emergence of the competition and much to the joy of many photographers, there was a Photography Category.  This year will mark the third year that Photography is included, and in such a diverse field, with such diverse talents, it is not surprising that no one has medalled twice so far.

Deadline for this year’s entries is May27th.

I had to hunt for the entry forms, brochure and artwork receipt to download, and then I was disappointed in what I found.  However, its the ministry and the GVACE board has limited personnel resources, so I’ll be lenient.

I have edited the Brochure for presentation, the contents remain the same.


The Registration Form (three pages) and the Receipt for Artwork files, I left them visually as they were, except that I included fillable fields that you can fill in before printing out.  I thought this may help for people like myself who have less than the most legible handwriting (You may need to save the PDF files to your PC before the editable form fields show up).



I understand completely that in editing, some things may have changed, so you can also see the Ministry’s page on the competition here: GVACE 2017


Critique of the finalists for “GP Challenge #18 – Night”

by Salim October

We begin with the Honourable Mentions.

Honourable Mention:  The Moon by Marc Kersting


The Moon - Marc Kersting

The Moon aptly captures one of the key element to our survival.  There is no doubt that this is a night image at all as it shows the moon in one of its many phases. Its almost central location makes it unexciting to the viewer and, due to the fact that millions of images exist

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