Q&A with Khadija Benn

Khadija Benn, who has stunned many on the Guyana Photographers’ Facebook Group, around the country and around the Caribbean, with her unusual portraiture work, takes questions from the group in this, our second, Q&A article on the site.

Q   Khadija, tell us about your first experiences with creating photography. How did it all start?


It was fortuitous. I cannot say that I had any particular interest in photography in the past. Basically, one old years night I tried taking pictures of fireworks and I realized I didn’t know how to take a decent picture. On the first day of 2010 I ordered a new point and shoot camera, and began to read articles on beginners’ photography. Continue reading

Tips and Tricks – The Glowing Silhouette

In our recent Q&A with Fidal Bassier, we had omitted a question submitted by Professional Photographer Salim October, who operates as Foto Melange out of Trinidad and Tobago.  It was thought that the question deserved some special consideration, as the subject matter was very specific to an image.  Fidal has graciously answered the question and supplied us with a  photographic progression on the image. Continue reading